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LCD display added to oil analyser
In both hydraulic and lubrication systems knowing the particulate cleanliness and water content data can prevent serious system failures and component damage. By testing oil cleanliness in real time, the necessary protection can be put in place to protect sensitive components. (more...)
Hydrotechnik UK Ltd
Considerations for specifying an enclosure latching system
James Stroud of Southco examines the importance of integration between the key elements of a rotary latching system commonly found on enclosures, and talks through some key considerations for specifying complete latching systems. They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – (more...)
Geared motors cruising along
Components and systems for maritime applications must be especially rugged and durable because of their continuous exposure to a moist, salty atmosphere. In addition, suitability for widely differing operating temperatures becomes necessary for ships that pass through several climate zones. (more...)
Nord Gear Ltd
Exhaust gas temperature sensors: the future’s digital
Patrice Flot of CMR Group considers the current approach to sensing exhaust gas temperature (EGT) on high horsepower engine platforms and the capabilities provided by new digital technology. An EGT sensor measures the temperature of the engine exhaust gas to prevent damage to critical components (more...)
Fuel savings ahoy
An innovative diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system built around liquid-cooled variable speed drives means that the fuel consumption of the new MS Goblin dry cargo bulk carrier is 12.5% lower than that of its almost identical sister vessel, which has a conventional diesel-only propulsion system. (more...)
Vacon Drives
Innovative fishing vessel uses electric propulsion
The MDV-1 “Immanuel” is a landmark fishing industry project. The Dutch-built 30.2 by 8.6m twin-rig fishing vessel was devised for the Masterplan Sustainable Fishing Foundation (shortened to ‘MDV’). The boat offers a number of key innovations over traditional craft including, (more...)
Control Techniques Ltd
Full steam ahead for round the world record attempt
Set for the off on its attempt at the speed record for a round the world trip, Team Britannia is now well on the way with the build and is making plans for testing. Centa Transmissions is a co-sponsor of the record attempt led by marine adventurer Alan Priddy, and has supplied two driveshafts that (more...)
Centa Transmissions Ltd
Brevini planetary gearboxes key in major ferry refurbishment project
Brevini UK, specialists in power transmission engineering, were delighted to be chosen by AMCO Engineering to provide technical expertise and to supply the complete drive packages for a major Transport for London (TfL) project, part of the refurbishment and upgrade of the linkspans (loading bridges) (more...)
Brevini (UK) Ltd
Renold introduces three new ranges of shaft couplings
New from Renold are the RBI, Hydrastart and UBI ranges of couplings. The Hi-Tec RBI range, designed for industrial applications, takes the existing RB offering to the next level, by incorporating a new block profile to increase torque throughput by 50%. The new Hydrastart range will come complete (more...)
Renold Clutches & Couplings
Igus offers robust, maintenance-free tribo-tape for marine applications
The adverse conditions in marine applications present a challenge to boat owners and operators who have to contend with the effects of both salt and fresh water on moveable metal fittings. If left unchecked, rust and corrosion can cause excessive wear leading to early replacement or seizure. As (more...)
Igus (UK) Ltd