Barge demonstrates sustainable transport

Exide Technologies has strengthened its relationship with the West London Floating Classroom (WLFC) to help teach schoolchildren about the benefits of sustainable transport. Exide supplied the batteries and chargers for 'Elsdale II', an electric powered canal boat that takes local schoolchildren and community groups on educational trips along the Grand Union Canal. Now WLFC are also helping to spread the word about battery power.

The WLFC education officer Grace Kimble comments: "We run a number of educational modules, all of which support the National Curriculum in subjects such as science, history, geography and citizenship. We are currently offering a module on sustainable transport and Exide has supplied resources to help. This is wholly appropriate because some of the first self-powered vehicles were actually driven by batteries. The batteries were largely made redundant by the internal combustion engine but are experiencing a re-emergence because they are far less polluting and offer financial benefits."
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