Caterpillar’s C32 ACERT helps deliver power for the ultimate Tribute – The sport fishing “MV Alican”

Caterpillar’s C32 ACERT helps deliver power for the ultimate Tribute – The sport fishing “MV Alican” A new 72-foot sport fishing boat built by Tribute Performance Boats for Andres Fanjul, owner of US-based food company Florida Chrystals, is likely to give this highly competitive former Gold Cup winner even more of an edge in the competitions he enters this year. MV Alican is built with a cold molded epoxy hull and traditional wood decking and interiors as well “as the latest space age Kevlar, carbon fibre and ‘foam glass’ technology”. It also features twin Caterpillar C32 ACERT marine diesel engines (rated 1343 kW/1825 mhp at 2300 rpm) powering through twin ZF2070A marine gears, to produce what the owner considers to be the ultimate in current sport fishing performance. “We wanted a big comfortable boat,” says Andres Fanjul, “but we got a whole lot more. Yes it is very comfortable and extremely well appointed and finished, as we have come to expect from Tribute (this is our second boat from this yard), but the performance is stunning. We have a top speed of 42.6 knots at 2350 rpm but it is at lower speeds where the combination of power train and hull design really comes into its own. At 1700 rpm, or 60% rated power, we have a comfortable cruising speed of 30.0 knots but we’re ‘in the power’ at all times and acceleration comes instantly if and when required. And at 30 knots we’re only consuming 80 gph.” “My experience suggests that this sort of performance would usually mean 140 gph using other hull and engine combinations together with the added maintenance, piston wear and other downsides that we simply do not have with the twin Cat C32 configuration. This combination will certainly make us competitive should we decide to enter sport fishing competitions this year, but it’s also already delivering a great deal of pleasure and sheer fun, which is what this kind of boat is all about.”
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