Caterpillar Marine Power Systems continue their evolution: The new MaK M 25 C marine engine

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems continue their evolution: The new MaK M 25 C marine engine Building upon the “recognised performance and durability of their previous M 25 series marine engines”, the new M 25 C “provides added value in four major areas: reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and guaranteed future”. With previous models ranging since 1996, the M 25’s specific combination of size, power and reliability has led to three major application areas: propulsion of smaller general purpose cargo vessels and coasters; propulsion of commercial vessels, especially tugs, fishing boats and offshore supply vessels; and as generator drives for on-board electrical supply on container vessels and passenger ferries. Many minor changes in the M 25 C crankcase area have apparently led to both smoother engine operation and easier engine maintenance. They include a modular lower valve drive, improved crankcase covers and the new speed-governor drive. This governor drive has the well-proven design of the M 32 C and M 43 C engines and is actually a pre-assembled module with fewer parts and a lower parts wear rate. “Governor drive by gearwheel with straight teeth is absolutely safe and requires no further adjustment”. The setup of the new control box also provides “the opportunity to implement an exhaust gas mean-value system. After all, the new control philosophy eases engine installation for the customer, enables updates on demand and provides the M 25 C with a guaranteed future”. The change from M 25 to M 25 C will affect engine deliveries from January 1, 2008. Continued M 25 delivery for vessel series currently under construction is guaranteed. However, the advanced features of the M 25 C also encourage innovative application designs.
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