New Ultrajet UJ410 released by Ultra Dynamics

New Ultrajet UJ410 released by Ultra Dynamics Ultra Dynamics has announced the release a new waterjet model the UltraJet UJ410 which fits neatly into the middle of their UltraJet range of waterjets, providing more options between the UJ376 and UJ451. With a 410mm diameter impeller it provides unrivalled thrust and acceleration to cruise speed as other waterjet models in the range. All components on the new model are plug-and-play and mounted on jet, including the oil cooler, oil pump, sensors and valves, and hydraulic steering and reverse cylinders, keeping installation for the boat builder to a minimum. The UltraJet 410 is available in either zero or five degree shaft angle options to suit different engine alignments and is compatible with a variety of engine models, driven either direct or via a gearbox. As with all UltraJets the UJ410 can be fitted with their new JetMaster Joystick Control system driven by a PLC (Programmable Logic controller), which will offer their customers unparalleled manoeuvring power at a budget price. The system offers features previously only available on more expensive systems. The PLC converts the joystick commands to boat movements harnessing the full benefits of waterjets. Easy and logical to use, even inexperienced boat users can operate JetMaster making close quarter manoeuvring simple. One hand manoeuvring gives you total control of your boat and the ability to move in any direction. Docking and backing into slips has been made simple (with same sense steering) just by moving the joystick in the direction you want the boat to move to. This new model is now available to order from any UltraJet authorised distributor world-wide.
Ultra Dynamics Ltd

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