New JetMaster joystick control system introduced by ultra dynamics

New JetMaster joystick control system introduced by ultra dynamics Ultra Dynamics, a leading designer and manufacturer or UltraJet waterjet propulsion and control systems for military, homeland security, passenger vessels, work boats, fishing boats, and recreation craft has introduced the new JetMaster joystick control system. The New JetMaster Joystick Control system driven by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), will offer their customers unparalleled manoeuvring power, harnessing the full benefits of waterjets, at a budget price. The New JetMaster control system offers features previously only available on more expensive systems. Easy and logical to use, even inexperienced boat users can look like a professional. Single-handed close-quarter manoeuvring gives total control of your boat. Docking and backing into a slip is simple with same-sense steering, if desired; just by moving the joystick in the direction you want the boat to move to. JetMaster is compact and rugged, and is fully compatible with Ultra's jet-mounted and engine, or transmission-driven hydraulic systems. The PLC software may be customised for specific craft and can be upgraded as new features are introduced. JetMaster is available for single, twin, or multiple jet propulsion systems. To maximise manoeuvrability and control in all conditions, the coxswain may select modes for harbour, transit, and then open-water operation with wheel steering and throttles for boat speed. In the harbour, sideways movement with the joystick may be accomplished in co-ordination with a bow thruster for single or twin jets, or without a co-ordinated bow thruster for twin jet systems. Single or multiple helm stations are available and these may be joystick, lever, or combination of both. Other JetMaster options include vessel steering by use of proportional interceptors; remote tether control; Auto-steer (Autopilot) interface; steering and reverse position indicators; helm mounted display for set-up and diagnostics. Ultra's investment in this area reflects the increasing importance of flexible, user-friendly and efficient control systems on board marine craft. This new control technology has been driven by customer demand for improvements in performance and to have the capability to integrate with services on board. JetMaster meets these demands and more by enabling major improvements in control system integration and waterjet functionality. The new JetMaster control system sets a new standard in control performance by being both evolutionary, building on Ultra Dynamic's control experience since 1989, and revolutionary, by providing features for smaller craft previously only available on more expensive ship-board systems. In addition, JetMaster provides the platform for many planned enhancements including GPS positioning, jet and engine performance monitoring, remote Condition-Based Maintenance (CMB) services, and vessel management. The New JetMaster control system - the discerning choice for boat operators is available on all UltraJet models from the UltraJet 251 to the UltraJet 575. As a world-leading provider of waterjet propulsion systems and services, Ultra Dynamics has delivered over 16,000 waterjet propulsion systems world-wide.
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