Pains Wessex with Chemring unveil impressive pyrotechnic products

Pains Wessex with Chemring unveil impressive pyrotechnic products Chemring Marine will be showcasing leading pyrotechnics brand Pains Wessex and its products at SASMEX 2007 including the Pains Wessex Speedline 250 and the Man Overboard 360. The Pains Wessex Speedline 250 is a self-contained line-throwing unit comprises a rocket designed to propel 4mm diameter line up to 250m. Designed for ease of operation in the most extreme weather conditions, the Speedline 250 can be used in all situations where a line is required to be passed quickly and accurately including between vessels, ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and shore based rescue services. Also available is an optional buoyant flotation head to aid passing the line to swimmers in distress. The Pains Wessex Manoverboard 360 is also of interest to commercial users. This self-activating smoke signal, with unique all round lighting system, is designed to attach to an emergency lifebuoy. When released it indicates its position by dense orange smoke and two lithium battery powered lights. Safe to use on petrol or oil-covered water, the unit can be automatically or manually deployed from the stainless steel mounting bracket, and is ideal for use on ships or rigs. Some large tankers and oil rigs need to mount this marker at heights in excess of the SOLAS 30 metre requirement. To satisfy this need the MOB 360 has been tested up to 50 metres, well in excess of the SOLAS requirements. It is fully compliant to the latest international SOLAS legislation and meets world-wide approval standards. Pains Wessex products are supported worldwide by a network of qualified distributors, and trusted for their reliability and superiority by rescue services, the navy, merchant ships, fishing fleets and yachtsmen and women throughout the world
Pains Wessex

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