The French Navy selects VT Halmatic Ribs for French Marine Commandos

The French Navy selects VT Halmatic Ribs for French Marine Commandos VT Halmatic Limited are pleased to announce that they have been successful in winning a contract, to supply twenty new commando boats to the French Navy, in a deal announced by the DGA/SPN (French Procurement Agency). These new 9.5m crafts, which are based on the successful Halmatic Pacific 28 RIB, has allowed VTH the opportunity to develop this craft further into a modular build and a more adaptable platform, which will enhance their existing range of military RIB’s aimed at the maritime specialist operator. These crafts, referred to by the French as ECUME, will replace the existing craft currently used by French Marine Commandos and will offer them an enhanced performance and capability, particularly when deploying in the roles of Maritime Assault, Fire Support, Insertion and as a Command platform. The ECUME craft will also be capable of conducting humanitarian missions in support of evacuation and rescue. The primary role of these craft, will be to conduct high-speed assaults on target vessels, based either from existing Naval ships i.e. FLF frigates, FREMM, BPC, BATRAL etc., or by an air deployment dispatched from C160, C130H, C130H30 and A400M aircraft. The first of this new generation craft, due for delivery in September 2007, will be allocated to ALFUSCO and distributed according to need on French territory.
VT Halmatic

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